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Penny Stock Picks by Peter Leeds

Dear Friend,

peter leeds penny stock showMy name is Peter Leeds, and welcome to the world of penny stocks! Please take a few minutes to read on and learn how our penny stock picks will benefit you.

There is a lot of money to be made in these explosive investments - but only if you know which penny stock to buy, and when.

That's where Penny Stock Insider by Peter Leeds comes in.

Let us help you get involved with penny stock investments. It's easy. We do all the research and work, and you get the benefits. Take a look at some of our past penny stock picks like USNA, which we alerted revealed to our subscribers when it was trading at $1.30. Soon after it had soared towards $53.00!

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That's just one example, but I hope you will take the time to review our Penny Stock Track Record and see how we have achieved our amazing results!

Penny Stock Secrets from Peter Leeds

To uncover the hottest investments before they make their moves takes a massive amount of work. It also requires resources and time that most people don't have to spare. In addition, you need an industry knowledge that can only be developed by years of experience in the trenches.

At Penny Stock Insider by Peter Leeds we understand this. Keeping your needs in mind, I have personally assembled a team that has the experience and skills to uncover the most explosive penny stock investments before they make their moves!

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Right now we are working full time on uncovering and bringing you the best penny stock opportunities that are in excellent buying ranges. You can read all about them by subscribing to Penny Stock Insider.

You will also get many other benefits and features with your membership in addition to the Hot List penny stock picks, such as our twice weekly Hot List picks, daily updates, Profit Maker Reports, the Peter Leeds Blog, and more. Watch a short movie about what Penny Stock Insider gives you.

My Penny Stock Offer To You

It's in my best interest for you to make a lot of money from your membership. We work hard to achieve results, and we've had incredible successes time and time again. That's why we get so much business from word-of-mouth referrals.

Let Penny Stock Insider help you make a fortune in the penny stock markets. We currently have a $195 offer for a one year full membership, and if you order right now you could be reviewing our latest penny stock picks, tips, and reports within minutes. Access is instant at the end of your order.

Penny Stock Focus

Without a happy customer base, we wouldn't be in business for very long. I understand that, which is why we have such focus on picking winning penny stocks. There is no better place to find tomorrow's winners today.


In this business you would be surprised how often I am approached to 'hype' a stock for compensation. There is always some ruthless promoter trying to get in the back door. Well, that door has been bolted shut!


If you learn one thing today, let it be this: Beware of free stock information on the Internet! The source of the advice obviously has some hidden stake in the fortunes of the stock, through options or personal holdings, and they don't care if you lose your shirt as they make a few bucks!

Unbelievably, even many of the fee-based subscription services have ulterior motives. This is especially prevalent in the penny stock sector.

Unbiased Research

We have NO affiliation with any of the firms we research. We receive no compensation of any kind from the companies we feature.

I will not even entertain any contact with the companies we profile, or accept any compensation from them in any shape or form, whether financial, stock options, advertising agreements, or otherwise.

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The Results

I am very excited and proud about Penny Stock Insider. We are putting the best penny stock picks right in front of you instantly. In a few minutes you can have them right on your computer screen!

For the very low price of $195 (53 cents/day) you have the benefit of all the hours and days of research our team has put into each pick. You get the advantage that only the latest state of the art analysis and screening technologies allow.

Your Penny Stock Insider Membership Is Waiting

Thank you for taking the time to read my message. I look forward to helping you make a great deal of money on these volatile markets!

I hope you decide to become a subscriber of Penny Stock Insider,

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Peter Leeds, The Penny Stock Professional

P.S. I've done all I can to try and convince you. The rest is up to you! Take advantage of this exciting opportunity and benefit from our advanced research. Turn a small investment into a small fortune!