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Intro to Penny Stock

Only Two Things Needed To Start Trading

  • Money
  • Broker

Getting Started In Penny Stock Trading

If you're unfamiliar with trading on the stock market, this page is for you. For those who have never bought a penny stock, but have some money they'd like to invest, we've put together this quick overview to help you get started.

Brokerage Accounts

Every investor needs a stock broker to handle buy and sell orders. The first step is to decide which kind of firm will work best for you.

Your Penny Stock Insider subscription comes with our annual rankings of the best discount brokers for penny stock investors.

Set Up An Account

Once you've chosen a penny stock broker, have them walk you through the necessary forms for opening your brokerage account. You can generally do everything online. It's very similar to setting up a standard bank account where you're expected to make an initial deposit of cash. Accounts are typically up and running in about three days.

This account will hold all your trading assets, whether cash, stocks, or bonds. The money you have deposited will be used for making purchases. When you sell, the cash from the sale goes back into your account for future purchases.