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Ongoing Penny Stock Commentary

Below are some examples of comments we made for the benefit of Peter Leeds Penny Stock Insider subscribers. Our insights into the penny stock markets are meant to work in compliment with our Hot List penny stock picks. Subscribers are given access to ongoing commentary, like the messages posted below.

Penny Stock Comments by Peter Leeds

NOTE! These are comments made in previous months, and are posted here merely to provide an example of the kinds of statements we have made. They are not necessarily currently relevant or accurate.

Penny Stock Advantage - The economic slowdown is all but over, paving the way for a broad-based recovery. While we expect nearly all sectors on all markets to benefit from the healing process, we have listed what we feel will be some industries to watch in the coming months, and coming years.

We are currently looking for the best of breed companies in the following industries:

** Biotechnology penny stock - At Peter Leeds, we anticipate that the big winners may be corporations who develop new methods of delivering drugs, as well as advanced systems of monitoring and diagnosing patients, rather than those that are hoping to come up with a 'miracle cure' for any specific disease.

** Business Services penny stock - Businesses that are using new technological innovations to rapidly serve and grow their corporate client list may outperform many other sectors. We are putting a special emphasis on finding penny stock companies that charge recurring fees, and are able to add to their clientele while keeping the ones they have already acquired. The combination of guaranteed revenues and potential revenues provides both penny stock price security and speculative potential.

** Robotics penny stock - At Peter Leeds, we feel many robotics companies will spend millions in the coming years only to bankrupt themselves, but a select few will prevail and can then enjoy an almost limitless, untapped market. Those will be the corporations with a significant competitive advantage (ie- located in China to benefit from currency exchange, patented assembly method, use of lighter less-expensive metals, etc...). While most robotics corporations will have shares trading over our target share price range, there will be a birth of robotics industry suppliers at lower prices, who may rake in the earnings by providing parts, technology, and programs.

** Oil producers - Oil production penny stocks at all levels are representing tremendous value at the current time, and any increase in oil prices will spark even further upside for the sector.

Penny Stock Advantage - The markets have been able to sustain their recent gains quite well, and although some profit taking has pulled the indexes down in some sessions, there is definitely an upward trend. This shows that not only is the rise sustainable, but that we should expect further upside on a week by week basis.