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Peter Leeds Penny Stock Track Record

Look at the phenomenal results Penny Stock Insider by Peter Leeds has created for some of our subscribers!

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It only took a few days for some gains to appear. Others happened within hours!

Some of our biggest winners returned nearly 1000%. These results could be yours when you let Penny Stock Insider do the picking.

We've been developing our research methods for years and each penny stock is scrutinized using our extensive fundamental and technical analysis.

You can find great opportunities for profits with our penny stock Hot List. Many of our penny stock picks result in major gains, and when you factor in price fluctuations, you stand a chance of realizing even bigger gains.

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We're way ahead of the pack when it comes to providing our members with in depth and accurate technical and fundamental analysis. It's the foundation of our success with penny stock picks.

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How We Calculate Average Gain

We simply compare two prices:

  1. The Profile Price (a stock's closing price just before it appears on our Hot List)
  2. Subsequent High (the highest price the stock reaches while still on our Hot List)

When a stock is taken off our Hot List, we compare the Profile Price and the Subsequent Price and factor its gain into our over-all track record.