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No one on the team is permitted to purchase or sell shares of companies we profile. Furthermore, it is our policy to never receive any compensation from those companies. This arm's length approach means our research is 100% unbiased. is wholly owned and operated by Modern Strategies Inc. Neither the publisher nor the Webmaster are registered investment advisors.

All viewpoints expressed should be considered as opinions of and not be taken as legal, tax, accounting, or investment advice. Any third party information herein has been gathered from sources considered reliable, but we make no guarantees as to its accuracy. Corporate data provided by outside sources may be used in our research, however, can not verify the accuracy of the information beyond how it is presented to us.

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Our product is information, produced through exhaustive research and analysis. You get all of its value immediately upon viewing it. It would be unfair to our loyal subscriber base to allow some people to view the same information as them, but not have to pay. For that reason, we do not provide refunds. Your purchase is non-refundable. Once you purchase, no funds will be returned to you for any reason.

We cannot offer you a refund because you:

  • Changed your mind
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  • Had problems with your computer or connecting to the Internet. (We can't help these things and they are not related to our service.)
  • Decided not to invest in penny stocks after all
  • Wanted the stocks you bought to perform better than they did
  • Mistakenly thought was an e-mail service
  • Thought you'd get a new stock pick daily
  • Believed that Peter Leeds acted like a broker and bought and sold shares for you

We are hard-working and experienced professionals dedicated to finding the best penny stock opportunities. You have to be willing to give us a fair shot at trying to help you make money. Our service requires a patient commitment to get results.

Our website has complete details of the services we offer to subscribers. We cannot make any guarantees about any services or information products that we do not provide. primarily provides guidance on penny stocks that may increase in value. It sometimes takes several months for these increases to occur. Stock performance is often affected by many factors that we cannot influence. You should not anticipate receiving a refund if you have not been patient with your investments and with our research service. Our track record says it all, and long-term subscribers have benefited substantially from our guidance.